Klopp Firm on Salah’s Stay as Saudi Interest Grows

Liverpool Manager’s Stance on Mohamed Salah

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has emphatically reiterated his position that Mohamed Salah is not available for transfer. Furthermore, he has stated that Liverpool has not received any offers for the prolific forward from the Saudi Pro League.

Saudi Champions’ Interest in Salah

Reports suggest that Al-Ittihad, the reigning Saudi champions, have expressed interest in acquiring Salah in what could potentially be a significant financial deal.

Liverpool’s Stance on Salah

Despite rumors of a substantial bid, Liverpool has remained steadfast in their declaration that Salah is not on the market. Klopp has echoed this stance, confirming that, as far as he knows, no offers have been made for the 31-year-old Egyptian.

Klopp’s Comments at Pre-Match Press Conference

During a pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool’s upcoming fixture against Aston Villa, Klopp stated firmly, “The position remains the same. Absolutely no doubt about that. That’s how it is. Nothing else to say.”

Uncertainty Regarding Offers

When questioned about the possibility of an offer having been submitted for Salah, Klopp responded, “Not as far as I know but that doesn’t mean a lot to be honest.”

Klopp’s Concerns About Transfer Windows

Klopp has been vocal about his desire for the transfer window in the Saudi Pro League to align with the European window. This misalignment has left Premier League clubs potentially vulnerable to losing players without the ability to sign replacements due to the later deadline for Saudi teams.

“I don’t know how long it will stay like this but I think the next 2 weeks will show how much of a challenge it is. Because no-one can react anymore [if they lose players]. We have to protect the game. I love all my players who went to Saudi,” Klopp emphasized.

Concerns About Saudi Arabia’s Activity

Klopp expressed surprise at the level of activity from Saudi Arabia and the potential impact it may have, stating, “But the league is not that it distracts me from my watching habits. We need to ensure the European leagues stay as strong as they are. Maybe we can change some rules or laws slightly? We’re all surprised by the activity of Saudi Arabia. It feels more a threat than not.”

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